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Green Fire ( OC drawing ) by Milo-On-The-Moon Green Fire ( OC drawing ) :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 2 4 White's Reference sheet by Milo-On-The-Moon White's Reference sheet :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 10 0 White by Milo-On-The-Moon White :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 10 5 Sugilite : Finished Reference Sheet Commission by Milo-On-The-Moon Sugilite : Finished Reference Sheet Commission :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 5 1 Tarantula Hawk : Finished Ref. Sheet commission  by Milo-On-The-Moon Tarantula Hawk : Finished Ref. Sheet commission :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 6 3 Bow to your KING by Milo-On-The-Moon Bow to your KING :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 13 4 Tundra : Finished Reference sheet commission by Milo-On-The-Moon Tundra : Finished Reference sheet commission :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 7 1 Lotus by Milo-On-The-Moon Lotus :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 7 0 Peril the SkyWing by Milo-On-The-Moon Peril the SkyWing :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 8 1 Milo Child by Milo-On-The-Moon Milo Child :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 8 0 Gift for RealTense by Milo-On-The-Moon Gift for RealTense :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 16 3 Pride : Reference Commission  by Milo-On-The-Moon Pride : Reference Commission :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 9 0 Corvus : Fixed by Milo-On-The-Moon Corvus : Fixed :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 4 1 Corvus : Reference Commission  by Milo-On-The-Moon Corvus : Reference Commission :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 5 2 Scars to Your Beautiful  by Milo-On-The-Moon Scars to Your Beautiful :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 15 2 New Profile picture by Milo-On-The-Moon New Profile picture :iconmilo-on-the-moon:Milo-On-The-Moon 11 0


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Green Fire ( OC drawing )
Wow look I'm posting something on DA this never happens
But aye
I was inspired to draw my pony child because I saw one of my old buddies had posted some stuff on here and I was like- heY I remember I made a Pony OC way back theN
I don't think that anyone knows who this is unless you have psychic abilities or you recognize the mane.
But this is my super old Pegasus/dragon hybrid thing oc Floss, but I gave her a spicy redesign because she was in desperate need of one. Legit the only thing I kept was her mane and her name. I think one of my first drawings I posted here on DA was a drawing of Floss? Not THE first but one of the first drawings?? Please don't go scrolling back through my gallery it's all cringe ew-
But hEy
She's bluey-grey now and I love my kid and she needs some more love. I'll probably make her a proper spicy new reference sheet tomorrow like I do for my other ocs.
Dunno if I'll post this on WP until tomorrow because I need to finish some commissions so I don't look too selfish pfft-
White's Reference sheet
New and shiny •v•
Here's some info on her. I legit just copied and pasted it from Wattpad, so if there are errors that's why

General Information

Name - White

Gender - Female

Species - Fire / Mystic Fluffie

Sexuality - Bisexual

Relationship Status - Married to Anaraxin (Anaraxin belongs to the wonderful Prismasia on Wattpad )


Biological Parents -

Mother - Queen BlueFire the Mystic Fluffie
Father - Ashes the Fire Fluffie

Foster/Adopted/Whatever the are Parents -

DeepSea the Sea/RainWing (owned by Prismasia on Wattpad )
Corvus the Rain/NightWing (owned by Velocityle )

Half Brother - Black
Sister - Blaze (location unknown)

Mate - Anaraxin

Children -

Airan the Mystic Fluffie/dragon hybrid
Jordan the Fluffie/dragon hybrid


White is an energetic, fun-loving girly. Even after having two kiddos she's as sprightly as ever. She loves socializing and meeting new people, but is just as happy to spend an evening at home with her children and husband. To most people she seems innocent and almost child-like in nature, which usually she is. But even the most innocent-looking ones have a sneaky, rebellious side to them. The only one who White really shows this side to is Anaraxin. And that's only behind closed doors.


First thing's first, she loves her husband, children, adoptive fathers, and her real mother. She has an OBSESSION with kittens and cats. Like, she has a flipping collar. She herself loves a good book or a nap, tho napping doesn't come often and reading often doesn't get much time either. Her favorite color is a light, soft yellow. She loves snuggling up to watch movies or play board games with the family (even if they don't want to). Scarves are another strange obsession of hers along with hoodie jackets, plush toys, hair accessories, and seashells. She honestly loves dressing up but hates going out in public like so unless it is a special occasion.


Beavers. This had to be the first thing because she absolutely loathes beavers. That, and she's terrified of them too. White has never likes beavers since one bit her as a child. It wasn't a deep wound, but it scarred her for life. White has also never been the sportiest girl and does not like too much physical exercise. She doesn't dislike much other than that and other things like huge lies, loss, and when people are being flat out rude. She very much dislikes going to the doctor and the dentist tho. And she does strongly dislikes mean people. She has a small fear of the color green due to incidents from her childhood.

Flight, can breath small plumes of fire, has a hereditary sort of 'magic' ability to turn the Talons on her front paws to ice that freeze anything they touch. She can't control when her 'ice claws' ability is triggered, but often happens in times where she gets really f*cking peeved.

(More to be added later as required or changed)
Wow I'm so creative with titles. ;v;

But anyways. I've been dead on here for forever, so I thought I'd post this from a few weeks ago. This is actually a book cover for a story I'm writing on Wattpad, the character on the front being my OC White.
Tarantula Hawk : Finished Ref. Sheet commission
Quick upload of a finished commission for MalachiteFox

I'll post the second one in a second

Sorry for posting it here so late >^<
Tagged by ... skyjr
0) Open
1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
2) Switch to "1"
3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it  
4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around

1. This is you…

Yay! I love fire piggies <3 Emboar is powerful.
2. This pokemon is your rival…

Ha. Too bad it's 2x weak to Fire type e moves. Get roasted.

3. This pokemon is deeply in love with you…

Come to me, my fluffy lover.

4. This pokemon is stalking you…

Jeez. Better watch my back.

5. This pokemon just stole your cake…

Surprisingly fitting

6. This is your Lab partner…

In the name of science!

7. This is your best friend…

We make daisy chains together

8. This pokemon is about to fight you…

Welp. Better get packing for Mexico

9. This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes…

What are you going to do with them?! You don't even HAVE feet!

10. This pokemon is currently hiding in your house…

Oh crud. He's stalking from the inside! *grabs baseball bat* stay awayyyyy!

11. This pokemon is your pet…

I shall name him Steve

12. This is your new roommate…

Hugs are hard to have

13. This is your new boss…

Emboar, reporting for duty, Sir Yanma! :3

14. This pokemon watches you while you sleep at night…

Oh mai

15. This pokemon is scared of you…

I burned them once on accident back at Professor Juniper's lab. Oopsie

16. This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you…

How are you a surgeon? You are a ball of spikes AND have no hands

17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night…

We're gonna have a house party

18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head…

Snuggle bug

19. This pokemon envies you…

Wow? Zee great Xerneas envies moi? I am honored *le bow*


Whoever sees this can do it. There aren't many people I follow who haven't done this.


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